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Weed Spraying and managing weeds safely is a specialist aspect of grounds maintenance -  North Manchester based Country Garden Service's weedkilling operatives are fully certificated (required by law to spray weeds safely) and experienced in all aspects of weedkilling.

Our planned approach to spraying to keep hard surfaces clear of unsightly weeds - helps prevent trip hazards and saves time and money by stopping roots breaking up tarmac.

5 Star Rating "Successful spraying of Himalayan Balsam & Japanese Knotweed. Our grounds haven't looed as weed free in years!"

Invasive Weeds - Act Early!

Our weed management service also deals with the encroachment of invasive weeds such as Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed which are becoming worryingly prevalent in the Manchester and Bolton areas. 

Himalayan Balsam with it's beautiful pink orchid like flowers is a large, rapidly spreading weed - propelling seeds several metres, it can colonise virtually any un-mown area, from roadside verges (E.g A666) river banks, beds and borders.  Invasive weeds such as Himalayan Balsam can take over a site within 2 years so you need to act quickly to prevent the problem escalating.  We also undertake cost effective spraying of Japanese Knotweed on sites not going to be built on.  The earlier in the season we can spray, the better!

Further information:     Japanese Knotweed         Himalayan Balsam       Giant Hogweed

Hard Surfaces & Gravel areas
Ride on sprayers for spot weedkilling or treatment of large sites quickly and safely
Invasive Weeds
We can provide a cost effective solution to the growing problem of increasing prevalent weeds such as Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed.  We also provide management programmes for the control of Japanese Knotweed.
Shrub & Flower Beds
Careful spot treatment is a great way to reduce labour costs and provide more effective weed control 
 Lawn & Fine Turf Spraying
Selective weed control plus the control of pest and disease in fine turf
Spraying near water
As with all spraying - there are specific Certificates of Competence required by law - we have been awarded PA6AW for spraying in or near to water.

Country Garden Service's qualified Weedkilling Operatives cover the following localities:-

bulletManchester - North
bulletBolton, Bury, Whitefield, Prestwich, Swinton
bulletBurnley, Padiham, Hapton
bulletRossendale - Bacup, Rawtenstall, Crawshawbooth, Haslingden
bulletRamsbottom, Edenfield
bulletWorsley, Salford, Pendlebury and Swinton
bulletLancashire - up to South Preston, Chorley

To help us in the weedkilling battle we've invested in a great range of equipment - from knapsacks to tractor mounted boom sprayers enabling us to weedkill large areas efficiently and cost effectively ...

Key Benefits of our weed spraying service

bulletSafer weedkilling programmes, undertaken by qualified professionals
bulletControl unsightly weeds, prevent areas becoming deeply overgrown which is costly to remove
bulletPrevent surfaces from rapid deterioration - breaking up due to weed growth
bulletSave money - lower cost control over traditional methods of hand removal etc.
bulletCompliance with land owners responsibility to control invasive weeds

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